tip of the day: spend less time on youtube/social media…

…and more time out in nature, without any electronics.

I’m sure you’ve all heard this advice before, but I’m going to give my personal take on why this is so beneficial for you.

When you spend too much time on social media, you can get prone to feeding unhealthy addictions/obsessions. This can include seeking answers to questions outside yourself, when you really need to go within. This can create a vicious cycle of anxiety which can be detrimental to your mental health. I think it also needs to be said that you start absorbing a lot of different voices which aren’t your own, and this mixture is what leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

Now, when you detach and go outside in nature, you start to drop the overthinking and become more grounded in the present. When this happens, you become more in touch with your soul, or higher self. You are more relaxed, free, and the answers come to you more naturally. This is because you are more open to hearing your inner voice, your own authentic voice.

What are you waiting for? On a day off, go outside in nature for a day without your phone. Go alone, or bring a close friend, whichever you like. See how it goes

I manifested a free meal yesterday!

I live near the beach and I discovered this lovely Thai restaurant near it. It had a lovely atmosphere (with lights and a beach view outdoors) that really drew me in. I checked out the menu the other day and I saw this vegetarian fried dish that seemed really interesting! I saw the price ($110 HKD) and I didn’t have any money with me that day, so I decided to come back the next day.

Yesterday, my plan to go to the bank was diverted because I forgot my wallet for the second time in a row (the other day I forgot my wallet before I went to the bank as well). I believe this was divinely orchestrated, as it protected me from the protests that were going on near the bank that I had no prior knowledge of.

Anyway, I went to the same beach again yesterday, and I literally just walked up to the store owner and explained the bank situation… and lo and behold, she allowed me to eat there for free yesterday! Since my belief systems are still progressing, yesterday I didn’t believe in a completely free meal yet so I offered to come back to pay when I had the money. Regardless, I was so grateful that that happened! It’s a small step in the right direction and shows that your beliefs (I deserve a meal, I deserve this beautiful eating experience) *do* manifest into your current reality.

tip of the day:

you shouldn’t have to try too hard in order to make something work. if you’ve been investing a lot of effort into manifesting something, it’s okay to take a step back — take a break from it! take some time to yourself to relax

like everything in the universe, manifesting requires a balance of give and take. when you’re feeling inspired, this is the time to give your effort and inspiration to the universe (in other words, put in the effort).

when you’re not feeling as inspired, this is the time to pull away from it and take time for yourself.

remember it’s okay to rest — in fact, it’s essential to rest.

happy manifesting!

more manifestation tips

do you wake up some days and feel totally uninspired and then get worried that this is blocking your manifestations from coming into fruition?

well… the answer is to go with it.

it’s okay to not feel inspired every day. and once you become at peace with feeling uninspired, what you’ll often find is that feeling of inspiration will come back 🙂 (this is what motivated me to type out this post)

whenever you feel like you’ve lost your way, remember that you’re never lost. you’re always on the right path, no matter what, and anything that steers you from the path is merely an obstacle you can overcome.

believe in yourself.

i hope this message helped everyone!

tarot reading – why you’re feeling stuck and what you can do about it

Hello everyone! Today I decided to do a collective energy reading for people who come across this post, regarding why you’re feeling stuck and how to change that! Since I do not have a Rider-Waite deck, I used a standard playing cards deck (with the suits of clubs, spades, hearts, and cloves) and translated them into minor arcana cards. For today’s reading, I used a Celtic Cross spread (see the image below for clarification) to help analyze your situation and point out potential solutions.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 4.45.14 PM.png



Keep in mind that this is a general reading, so only take what resonates. If it doesn’t, that is okay! It means that this reading wasn’t meant for you 🙂


In the Celtic Cross spread, Cards 1&2 together reveal your motivation behind this reading. We have the 4 of pentacles as your first card, representing your current circumstances. The overall energy of this card is financial security, saving money, and conservatism. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, it depicts a man sitting on a chair tightly clinging on to 4 pentacles, symbolic of him holding on tightly to the rewards that he’s worked hard to acquire.

Clarifying the 4 of pentacles, the second card that came out, representing what is helping or hindering you at the present, is the 8 of cups. The overall energy of this card is dissatisfaction, disappointment, and abandonment. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, it depicts a man turning and away from the 8 cups he’s built, stacked in a way that 1 is missing (as the 9 of cups is the wish fulfilment card). What I’m seeing with the 8 of cups next to the 4 of pentacles is that you’re currently clinging onto something that is no  longer serving you and you know this, deep down in your heart. However, you’re having trouble walking away from it because you’re letting your pride get in the way: you’ve put in a lot of effort into manifesting this and you’re unwilling to let go. I’m hearing that this could either be old beliefs/thought patterns, a job that you’ve worked very hard in that isn’t in alignment with your soul’s purpose, or a relationship that is stagnating. Take whatever resonates.

Cards 4&5 give the overall background to your present situation. We have the 6 of wands as your 4th card, representing the hidden factors around you. The overall energy of this card is victory, success, and recognition. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, it depicts a man on a horse, wearing a victory wreath on his head, carrying a wand with another wreath on top. The people in the background holding the other wands symbolize the recognition he’s gotten because his hard work has paid off and lead to success.

Clarifying the 6 of wands, the 5th card, representing the effect of the past on your current situation, is the 2 of wands. The overall energy of this card is planning, decision making, and progress. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, it depicts a man looking out onto the horizon with a globe in his hand, contemplating his next move. What I’m seeing with the 2 of wands next to the 6 of wands is that you have contemplated walking away — but focusing on the negatives (or fear) held you back. What you’re not seeing is that walking away from the situation will lead you to long term success, victory, and happiness. With the 2 of wands in the past energy position, I’m sensing that you could be the type of person that is very much in their heads, more of a planner than a doer. It could very well be that you weren’t always this way: something may have happened to make you less self- assured and more likely to second-guess yourself.

We have the 3 of cups as your third card, representing the best you can expect at the moment. The overall energy of this card is celebration, collaboration and harmony. Wow! I think this card is really calling you to reach out to people, because you’re currently surrounded by good company. If this is for a project, the 3 of cups could be encouraging you to collaborate with others. If this is about a relationship, you can count on your friends for support and advice. Or simply go out and have fun with the people you love! This will put you in a better state of mind, which will allow you to view your current circumstances in a more positive light and see the answer more clearly.

Cards 6-10 focuses on future decisions and outcomes regarding your present circumstances. We have the 4 of swords as your sixth card, representing your next move. The overall energy of this card is rest, relaxation, and meditation. What I’m seeing here is that you will eventually take a step back from the situation to rest and recuperate — and this will be very beneficial to you at this time. Taking some time to yourself will allow you to really hear your inner voice and see things from a higher perspective.

We then have the King of Wands as your seventh card, representing how you view yourself and what you can do about the situation. The King of Wands embodies the qualities of a natural born leader, visionary, and entrepreneur. This could mean that rest and recovery (the 4 of swords) will allow you to go within and recognize your inner strengths. This card is really calling on you to be authentic and let these qualities shine. Let go of fear and embrace your inner power/strength, as you have more power in this situation than you think.

We then have the Page of Cups as your eight card, representing how others see you and how you relate to them. The Page of Cups embodies a very spirited energy (the card’s overall energy is creative opportunities, intuition, curiosity). It could be that, once you let go of your fears, you will start to see the situation with more hopeful eyes. I see you receiving some inspiration and guidance regarding your situation. Your future energy will embody this page energy because it is hopeful and curious, eager to learn, and your solution will be in the beginning stages of coming into realization.

We then have the The Fool as your ninth card, representing your hopes and fears. The Fool card embodies new beginnings, spontaneity, and potential travel. What I’m seeing with this next to the Page of Cups is that you will have renewed spirits and energy. You will feel inspired to seek out a new beginning (leaving behind whatever situation/beliefs/people that didn’t serve you), but since this card also represents your fears, you may be doubt yourself a little and be afraid of taking that leap of faith, even if your heart desires it.

Finally, we have the King of Pentacles as your tenth card, representing the outcome of this situation. The overall energy of this card is abundance, financial security, and leadership. Wow! I believe this card is telling you not to fear taking that leap of faith and to go for it, because abundance and financial security will come your way if you do. The King of Pentacles also often represents attaining some type of goal, or the final fulfilment of a task/project. Seriously, this is the ultimate card if you have been wishing for success. What are you waiting for?

I hope this reading gave you guys the inspiration you wished for and deserve at this time. I’m very grateful to be able to deliver such a positive message for you all. I hope this inspires you all on the path to success 🙂


tarot reading – twin flame energy (jul 11)

For today’s reading, I decided to do a collective reading for twin flames! This is for a couple of reasons: the first being that there’s been some weirdness lately (probably due to Mercury retrograde and the eclipses), the second being it’s the 11th today, so it seemed fitting.

Since I don’t currently have a Rider-Waite deck, I used a standard playing cards deck (toy story themed, since toy story 4 is coming out soon!) and translated them into minor arcana cards. I will be drawing 11 cards for this reading and an additional card at the bottom of the pile.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_41f8.jpg The first card that came out is the 7 of spades (7 of swords in the Rider-Waite deck). The 7 of swords symbolizes deception, sneakiness, or theft; in the traditional tarot, it depicts a man carrying 5 swords and running away from a military camp. Since the swords in tarot deals with the realm of thought, it could be that you or your twin flame, or both (since you mirror each other) are deceiving yourselves in this connection. I’m seeing so many possible interpretations, including: a) something painful happened in this connection, so you or your twin flame could be trying to run away from this connection, to avoid confronting it perhaps, b) you could be dealing with deceitful behaviour from your twin flame, or c) you were deceitful with your twin flame. Again, since the swords deals with the realm of thought, maybe the “deception” was imagined? Take what resonates.

Clarifying the 7 of swords, we have the Queen of Cloves (the Queen of Wands). Seated on a throne with a black cat at her feet, she symbolizes a powerful, confident, independent feminine figure in touch with her shadow side. From this card, I’m sensing that the feminine energy in this connection (feeling like this could be you, the readers) has done a lot of work spiritually (wands deals with the realm of spirit) on her self esteem. She has risen into her divine power and is now capable of blocking/battling that deceptive energy, whether it came from herself or within the connection. Perhaps she has become less tolerant of BS now because she recognizes her value and worth. If you are not the feminine or this does not resonate, this card could be commending you to have courage and face whatever fears you have within this connection, to really go within and connect with spirit.

Next, we have the 9 of hearts (9 of cups), which is essentially the wish fulfilment card. Congratulations! If you have been waiting for union/reunion to manifest, if you’re currently in separation, this card means that you will get your wish granted soon.

Clarifying the 9 of cups, we have the Queen of hearts (Queen of cups), who embodies the divine feminine qualities of compassion, intuition, care. Again, I’m getting the feeling that the feminine in this connection has really been nurturing herself, which has allowed her to rise into this Queen energy. By loving him/herself, he/she is also loving his/her twin, nurturing the connection and allowing this 9 of cups to manifest. You two could be connecting more on a spiritual and emotional level at this time, which is deepening your connection.

Next to the Queen of cups, we have the Jack of spades (Knight of Swords), who embodies ambition, quick thinking, and fast paced action. I’m sensing that this could be the masculine’s energy at this time — he has felt the feminine rise into her Queen energy and is charging towards her with an offer. Or, potentially, that your connection is at a state where it’s progressing very rapidly towards this 9 of cups (wish fulfilment).

Clarifying the knight of swords, we have the 2 of hearts (2 of cups), which symbolizes union and partnership. If one of you has been dishonest or evasive in this connection in the past (7 of swords), I’m sensing a shift where they/you come forward with this knight of swords energy, towards the one embodying the queen of cups/wands energy, with an offer of partnership and commitment (2 of cups). A very auspicious sign if you have been wondering when union will come about. The answer is: in the near future.

Next, we have the 10 of spades (10 of swords), which deals with betrayal, pain, and loss. Because this is next to the 6 of hearts (6 of cups), which deals with the past, I’m feeling that, coupled with the 7 of swords, this is more of a past energy that this connection is emerging out of (Also 10 + 7 = 8 in numerology, which is a twin flame number). The 6 of cups is also often associated with children. This could be suggesting you and your twin flame will become more playful with each other, or in touch with your inner child at this time. This is very beneficial, especially if you have been focusing on healing from wounds/hurt in the past that have been brought up by this twin flame connection.

Next, we have the 8 of cloves (8 of wands). This card is very similar energetically to the knight of swords, representing movement and fast paced change. I’m seeing union/reunion coming soon. Since this is next to the 6 of cups, I’m also seeing that revisiting past memories or getting in touch with your inner child could be very beneficial to speeding up the healing process and manifesting this twin flame union.

Clarifying the 8 of wands, we have the 3 of diamonds (3 of pentacles), which represents teamwork and collaboration. The pentacles have a very grounded energy as they are connected to the realm of the physical, suggesting that your connection is solidifying as you two begin to work together. This card could also symbolize coming together into physical union/reunion.

Next, we have the 10 of hearts (10 of cups), symbolizing union, divine love, and celebration. Need I say more! I think this card speaks for itself.

The final card, at the bottom of the deck, is the 5 of spades (5 of swords), symbolizing conflict and disagreements. I’m sensing that this is a past energy — but perhaps this is also a reminder to regularly nurture your connection and talk through any conflicts or disagreements that come up.

Final notes: lots of cups cards, which deals with the realm of emotion, so this could be a really emotional time for twin flames in general. In addition, this could mean that a lot of you readers are water signs (pisces/cancer/scorpio). I don’t read into the images on these cards as this isn’t the traditional deck — however, if the images resonate in any way, take it as a sign. I did notice that two cards had this binocular toy on it — that stood out to me, cause it could possibly symbolize you two spying on each other on social media if you are in separation, or seeing each other in a different light — I’ll leave this up to you to interpret.

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tarot reading – today’s energy (july 10th)

I am a beginner in tarot and I decided to do a collective energy reading for people who come across this post, regarding what you need to hear the most right now (could be words of encouragement/advice regarding a specific situation). Since I do not have a Rider-Waite deck, I used a standard playing cards deck (with the suits of clubs, spades, hearts, and cloves) and translated them into minor arcana cards.

Take what resonates — if it doesn’t, that is okay, it means that this reading wasn’t meant for you.


So the first card that came out, on the very left, is the 7 of hearts (7 of cups). For those who don’t know tarot, the cups symbolize your emotions. In the rider-waite deck, this depicts a man looking at seven different cups that are filled with different objects. This is a card that symbolizes choices, opportunities, and decisions (or lackthereof).

Right away, the energy I’m getting from this card is that you are feeling a little stuck, whether it be regards to career/finances/love/any situation in your life as you are faced with many options and you don’t know what to pick. Perhaps you could be a water sign also — pisces/cancer/scorpio (though I’m getting more fire sign energy from the overall reading. will clarify this below.)

The card to the right (the 10 of cloves in the image) is the 10 of wands. For those who don’t know tarot, wands symbolize creativity. In the rider-waite deck this depicts a man carrying 10 wands, which look like sticks, on his back. This card symbolizes being burdened or working very hard. Clarifying the 7 of cups, this could represent a few things: a) that you are working very hard to manifest many dreams (as represented by the 7 of cups), b) you feel burdened by all the possibilities/options ahead of you or c) you feel burdened by your current situation, which is why you are looking into a multitude of other possibilities (as represented by the 7 cups). Take what resonates.

If you have been indeed feeling indecisive/burdened in some way, then the third card, the 8 of wands, is good news, as it represents movement and fast paced change. With this card, I see you emerging from this stagnant energy. Perhaps something external might push you in the right direction: you could be hit with a flash of inspiration regarding which cup to pick, or what you need to do next.

Next to the 8 of wands, we have the 3 of wands, which represents progress, expansion, working towards a goal (or that 4 of wands, the card of unity/success/celebration). This is a very auspicious sign! Next to the 8 of wands (as the 3 of wands could represent overseas opportunities), I see the possibility of travel: whether this be for a vacation, or for career, or for love. If that does not resonate, then it simply means that you will be progressing towards whatever you have been trying to manifest.

Next to the 3 of wands, we have the ace of spades (the ace of swords). For those of you that don’t know tarot, swords deals with action and change. This card symbolizes new ideas, success, and mental clarity. This is great news, especially if you’ve been having new ideas/insights regarding a sitution (ideas for a business, lover…etc), but haven’t acted on it yet: this card is a big YES, a go for it.

Next to the ace of swords, we have the two of wands, which represents progress, decisions, and planning. In the rider-waite deck this shows a man looking out into the horizon with a globe in his hand, so if you have been manifesting travel, this is another YES. If that isn’t the case, this card simply means that you will be progressing towards your goals.

Next to the two of wands, we have the three of cups. This card symbolizes celebration, joy, friendships. If this is about a project, this card is telling you that you could be collaborating with others, or others might benefit from it. Even if you are not, this card still represents success. If your situation involves travel, perhaps this card is suggesting travel with friends/the people you love and having a good time with them. This could also mean meeting new friends abroad and having fun with them. Or having fun and celebrating your success with friends and loved ones.

Next to the three of cups, we have the jack of spades (which could mean either the page of swords or the knight of swords in the rider-waite deck). I’m personally getting more knight of swords vibes. Like the 8 of wands, this card has a strong energy of things moving very quickly. It symbolizes ambition, action, and quick thinking. With the ace of swords having appeared in this deck, I see you taking whatever idea you have (represented by the sword) and charging forth with it.

The final card, at the bottom of the deck, is the 7 of wands, which symbolizes challenge, competition, and perseverance. I believe this card is here as a reminder that the road toward success isn’t always going to be easy — yes, there will be challenges along the way, but it’s about overcoming those to get to that 3 of cups energy. Keep building on your 3 of wands — you’re very close to that 4 of wands energy.

Final notes: lot of wands cards, so I’m sensing a lot of fire sign energy (perhaps a lot of you could be leo/aries/sagittarius). If that doesn’t resonate, this means that this is a time where a lot of you are very passionate and driven towards some kind of vision. There are only 2 cups cards, so I’m not sensing as much of a romance/relationship situation (not ruling out the possibility, it’s just that I’m getting more career vibes from this reading). I don’t read into the images on these cards as this isn’t the traditional deck — however, if the images resonate in any way, take it as a sign. I did notice that two cards had fans on them (in Japanese culture, fans symbolize a new beginning and the many possibilities emerging from it). The 10 of wands card also had a road with an arrow pointing towards a certain direction — I’ll leave this up to you to interpret.

Hope this was helpful!



to manifest good things…

  1. eliminate negativity. by all means — don’t try to suppress any negative thoughts or feelings that come up, acknowledge them — but tell yourself to stop and then transform them into something positive. because your thoughts are powerful manifestations, you really gotta watch what you consciously think about yourself and your situation. for example, when you find yourself thinking things along the lines of “ugh i’m so stuck i can’t figure out what i want to do”, change that into “i am figuring out what i want to do. the answers are coming to me”, or something like that. this includes complaining — avoid doing that! negativity tends to breed more negativity. if you have negative things that you feel you need to vent out in some way, writing them down and rewriting them so they become positive is very helpful.
  2. embrace positivity. think more positive things about yourself and your situation. have faith in yourself, remember anything is possible.
  3. be mindful — of your thoughts, and of what you want. clearly decide what it is that you want first (visualize it, understand why you want it, try to make sure your motives are good because you reap what you sow).
  4. be consistent. set goals and put in the effort to reach your manifestations. thinking and daydreaming about your manifestation is helpful, yes, but since we live in the 3D, it is important for you to take action to bring your manifestations from the 4D (mind) into the 3D (physical). this is also aligning with the energy of your manifestation — thinking about it will only attract more thinking. on the other hand, taking action will attract more action and allow whatever you want to come to you more easily. in order to be consistent, set time everyday to visualize your manifestation (or modify it, if needed) and take action towards it. then shift your focus onto something else — try not to obsess over it. again, have faith that the universe will deliver your wish in divine timing (the answer will either be yes, not yet, or the universe has something better in store)
  5. be grateful for what you currently have in the present.
  6. let go of the outcome.
  7. drink more water, eat healthier foods, and spend more time in nature.

on a final note, you probably manifested this post xD

to improve your life…

send love to everything.

Because everything in the universe is made of energy and has some form of consciousness, the universe around you will respond to the vibrations you’re putting out.

if you want good things to come to you, bless everything that’s already around you. practice gratitude by saying outloud: (or thinking) “I love you, thank you”, to everything you see. No matter what it is: people, events, circumstances, objects, the water, nature… you’ll notice a difference.

send blessings and blessings will come to you 🙏